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Formed in 2018, Tennis Chesterfield is headed up by Charlie Pick, Jonny Brooke and Andy Bell, each of whom has extensive experience in the tennis industry, having operated in the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire area for over 10 years. Our experience combined with high level qualifications give us an ideal platform to work collaboratively in providing tennis services to numerous clubs, parks and leisure centres in the Chesterfield District. All members of our team are LTA qualified, fully insured, DBS checked and First Aid Qualified, and our classes follow the LTA British Tennis structure. Our main club and office is located at Chesterfield Lawn Tennis Club, where we are based 7 days a week.



Our mission statement


"To provide affordable tennis services which are well planned, well delivered and present tennis in a fun and inclusive environment in and around the Chesterfield area."

Our coaching philosophy


Accepting, celebrating and encouraging individual difference: We approach every lesson and every player with the knowledge that there is always more than one way to achieve something and what works for one group/player will not work for another.


Teaching of appropriate technical, tactical, physical and mental skills: We strive to help all players execute all strokes required in tennis without causing unnecessary stress on the body, give a player as many different tactical options as possible and ensure players are fit for tennis to help prevent injury and improve their tennis through a range of physical factors.


Encouraging competition: Competition can help identify both strengths and weaknesses within a player that exist on the match court which might not necessarily be apparent on the practice court. 


Presenting tennis in an enjoyable and inclusive environment: Tennis is for everyone; whatever your age, ability or motivation for playing tennis, we will be able to accomodate within our coaching, competition or social programmes and you'll have alot of fun along the way!

Our Team

Andy Bell | LTA Level 4

 Tennis Services Manager

Gareth Haggett | LTA Level 3

Tennis Coach

Euan Burgess | LTA Level 3

Tennis Coach

Tennis Assistants

Charlie Pick | LTA Level 5  Tennis Services Manager

Ryan Spragg | LTA Level 3 Tennis Coach

Fiona Fellows | LTA R3

Competiton Referee

Jonny Brooke | LTA Level 4  Tennis Services Manager

Jonathan Garner | LTA Level 3

Tennis Coach


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Charlie Pick (LTA Level 5)

Coach Ambassador for Babolat 


Tel: 01246 238798


Email: admin@tennischesterfield.co.uk