School club links enable pupils to further their enjoyment, skills and experience of tennis, in addition, creating a pathway to local clubs and facilities. 


Benefits of school club links include:


  • Increased opportunities for pupils to live an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Raising the schools profile in the community
  • Sharing facilities and equipment
  • Access qualified and experienced coaches, who can support the professional development of teachers and school staff
  • Increased awareness of local session and activities for pupils, teachers and their families.


Click here to download the Tennis Chesterfield Schools Programme 2018/2019.




Curriculum Coaching

School is the place to start - book now and take part!

Curriculum Tennis Coaching takes place at the school and can be in the school hall or outside space. Our expert LTA Licensed Tennis Coaches will deliver a course of lessons providing all the equipment for the sessions.

During the course, pupils will learn the basics of tennis including co-ordination skills, ball and racket skills, plus fun games. At the end of the course, pupils are rewarded with a certificate of achievement.


Courses are booked for either a half term or full term and are chargeable by the hour.

Schools Roadshow

The Tennis Chesterfield Schools Tennis Roadshow visits the school delivering tennis to age groups from reception through to year 3. The aim is to give as many pupils as possible the opportunity to play tennis for FREE!


Following the Roadshow, pupils will be given a participation certificate and invited to take part in a fun day at Chesterfield Lawn Tennis Club, where they will be able to continue enjoying the game.


Click here for a full overview of the Schools Roadshow.

Before/after school clubs

Tennis For Kids is a 6-week taster that takes place at school as a before or after-school club.


How it works?


• Our coaches will promote the sessions during an assembly to get the children interested.

• Parents sign up and pay online (schools don’t have to take in paper consent forms or cash).

• 6 weekly 1-hour sessions for £25.00. Children will receive a FREE racket, a personalized t-shirt and a set of tennis balls.

• At the end of the 6 sessions the children will be receive a follow-on offer to join Tennis Chesterfield’s coaching programme.

SEND Tennis

Tennis Chesterfield runs an award-winning disability tennis programme. Our Partner at Chesterfield Lawn Tennis Club is the disability tennis HUB for Derbyshire.


Our disability specialist coaches can include pupils with additional needs into the tennis sessions by using adaptive equipment.


This includes:

✓ Learning disabilities

✓ Visually Impaired

✓ Physically Impaired

✓ Hearing impaired

✓ Mental Health

The Tennis Tour

We welcome you to take a visit to Chesterfield Lawn Tennis Club for the ‘Tennis Tour’. The ‘Tennis Tour’ includes coaching on the indoor tennis courts by our expert LTA licensed coaches plus off court activities. The Tennis Tour can be delivered to one class or multiple classes in a single visit.

Key elements:


✓ Coaching on the indoor tennis courts at Chesterfield Lawn Tennis Club

✓ Delivered by expert LTA Licensed coaches

✓ Between 25 to 120 pupils can take part


"The children of Hasland Junior School had an outstanding day at the Tennis Roadshow. Children left the session having developed an interest in tennis and loved the coaching they received."

Callum Hiron: P.E Coordinator - Hasland Junior School

Come along and have a go!

Let's socialise


Charlie Pick (LTA Level 5)

Coach Ambassador for Babolat 


Tel: 01246 238798