Disability Tennis

Tennis for any ability!


Tennis is a fun adaptable sport which aims to introduce and progress anyone with a disability. We try to focus on nurturing the abilities of a person and we love to celebrate the small achievements which are made. The disability tennis programme aims to help success, fun, social skills, fitness and confidence whilst learning new skills.


Tennis Chesterfield’s programme has won Derbyshire Disability Programme of the year for the last three years and is headed up by Andy Bell. Andy has a wealth of experience and passion for developing disability tennis, and has numerous additional roles within the sport including; Special Olympics Chairman for Derbyshire and County Disability Tennis Coordination for the Tennis Foundation.

Learning Disability Tennis


Tennis is the perfect game for anyone with a learning disability/difficulty. We can make the court smaller, use bigger rackets or special balls to slow the game down for any ability level. You can expect sessions full of fun, friendship, games and skills to get you started.


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Wheelchair Tennis


Wheelchair tennis is a really exciting game and players can play with non-disabled players. If you’re in a wheelchair, you’re allowed up to two bounces of the ball before returning it. 


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Deaf Tennis


There’s nothing to stop deaf or people with hard of hearing enjoying tennis to the full. If you feel confident enough to give it a go yourself, just pop along courts and see what’s on offer. In Deaf tennis there is no changes needed to the game.


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Down's Syndrome (DSActive)


The DSActive tennis programme aims to help develop social skills, confidence and physical ability whilst learning racket and ball skills. These sessions are open to anyone with Down's syndrome aged 5 years and older and we invite you to tell your friends.


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Visually Impaired Tennis


The visually impaired (VI) version of the game is played on a smaller court than usual. We also use an audible ball so you can hear it bounce. Depending on your sight, you’re allowed up to three bounces before returning. 


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