Team Tennis

Team Tennis Red


Establishing the building blocks that will underpin future tennis development. In particular there is strong emphasis on simple but effective movement paterns while combining repeatable hitting techniques. Tennis Chesterfield places a high importance on developing the serve from a very young age. 

Passion, pride, perseverance - it's about the team!

Team Tennis is aimed at players aspiring to represent their club in the Sheffield & District and Derbyshire leagues. Players are required to show a higher level of commitment combined with a more comprehensive understanding of the game. Sessions are delivered with greater emphasis on the technical, tactical, mental and physical aspects of tennis, with regular review points to help framework future development of the programme. Team Tennis players are expected to adhere to the TT Code of Conduct.

Sessions are by invitation only. To be considered for our Team Tennis programme please call Tennis Chesterfield on 01246 238798.

Team Tennis Green


This level presents a real physical challenge as players are now competing on the full-sized court with faster and higher-bouncing balls. Strong defensive abilities are prioritised to give players a stable platform which will propel them into full ball tennis.

Team Tennis U14's


Laying the foundations for future training environments, while also continuing to develop 'the player'. Doubles tactics, court awareness and communication are a key component of these sessions. Players are given advice about how to deal with emotions and difficult match situations.



Team Tennis Orange


Solidyfing key skills learned at Mini Red on a larger court size. Mini Tennis Orange offers the chance for players to develop a wide range of playing styles and start to see the value of speed and spin. At this stage there's a high emphasis placed on improving depth perception and the associated movement patterns.

Team Tennis U12's


Discovering and defining a playing style which will optimise a player's physical and technical capabilities in order to create winning patterns of play. Although not a relevant tactical option at this age, improving net-play technique and footwork is required.

Team Tennis U18's


These sessions are about creating a training environment, where players across the county can access tailored drills, open-play practices and competitive matchplay.



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Charlie Pick (LTA Level 5)

Coach Ambassador for Babolat 


Tel: 01246 238798